Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish
Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish
Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish
Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish
Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish
Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish

Furniture Care-Wax-Oil Polish

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Clean, Polish, Repair, Refresh, Maintain, All in 1 bottle!

Silver aluminum can: not only refurbishment of furniture, but also the refurbishment and maintenance of leather

 Make Furniture Look New Again - Remove years of dirt, wear marks, water stains, grease, Fine Polishing, and more to restore the look of your old furniture.

 Deep Nourishment Care Furniture - Super penetration, after smearing and wiping evenly, the surface will form a protective finish, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, and can prevent furniture from moldy, swelled, dry cracking, and other problems caused by weather.

 Green Environmental Protection - This wood seasoning beeswax is made entirely from natural food-grade wax. No VOC odor, safe and healthy to use around kids, dogs, and other pets.

 Protect The Original Color - Protect the natural beauty of your wood pieces without altering their color. The clean and shiny finish will last 1~2 years.

 Easy To Use - Clean and polish any type of wood. Simply aim and wipe to see years of built-up stains disappear. Very dramatic change and you can see the new luster it brings.

 Multiple Uses - Can be used not only in tables, doors, cabinets, and wooden floors but also in leather goods, metal accessories, pianos, antiques, and even in wood carvings. Give your old items a new look.

  • Care-Wax-Oil is made entirely from natural raw materials. Therefore it will solidify at low temperatures. It can be melted by heating when used.
  • No need to wear gloves to maintain furniture, the product can play a role in caring for the opponent like a hand cream
  • Care-Wax-Oil will form a protective film on the surface of the wood and will not cause the surface to become sticky or too smooth. No need to worry about slipping when walking on the floor.
  • Care-Wax-Oil should not be consumed as cooking oil

  1. Dry the furniture surface dust.
  2. Apply the product evenly to the furniture with a sponge.
  3. After drying (about 30 min), wipe and polish with a clean towel.
  4. Deep nourishment requires about 15 hours of delicacy, which is conducive to the penetration of beeswax into the wood.

Capacity: 80g

Product use area:

Coverage: 12-18 g/m²


Orange Oil - Detoxifies & Polish

Beeswax - Penetration Nourishment

Carnauba Wax - Surface Protection

Set includes: 1* Care-Wax-Oil Wood Polish


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