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Multifunctional anti-wear stickers

Multifunctional anti-wear stickers

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  • Waterproof design: close to the skin, to avoid the entrance of water, stolen goods, protect the skin of the heel

  • Elasticity and comfortable: The product is flexible, and can exceed its own length.

  • Multi-use:It can be used in places where are easily rubbed, such as heel, ankles, fingers and so on to prevent blister.This multi-purpose sticker can be glued to multiple locations

  • Privacy design: transparent design, more fit with the skin, not easy to be seen

  • PE foam: excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistan

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Product description

- Size: About 5.00X2.50X1.00cm/1.97X0.98X0.39inch.
- Color: White.
- Material: PE, glue.
-Our large assorted pack of bandage patches is perfect for any active person. Like moleskin for feet protection, our bandage kit protects and prevents any blister. But our blister gel guard bandages do something extra: they treat the blister while you wear it.
- WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Once you apply a heel or toe bandage from our variety pack, the blister is protected from water, germs, sweat, and additional friction, even during the sweatiest hike or dance class.
- ULTRA-STICKY: Our customers have the best results applying the hydrocolloid bandage patches to clean, dry skin. The toe bandages are very sticky, and stay where you want them until they're done absorbing moisture from the blister.

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